Successful Patient Outcomes.

A testimony to any skilled surgeon are satisfied patients.

“Dr. Rouben is on top of everything. I had spinal fusion surgery with an excellent outcome. I will never go to anyone else. Honestly, I don’t know where I’d be without Dr. Rouben. I’d recommend him to anyone. In fact, I did, my son had surgery and he too is doing great. We are grateful for his skills and compassion.”
– David Ballard, Bardstown, KY


During my husband’s eight day stay in the hospital, Dr. Rouben gave most generously of his time-comforting, informing, and encouraging us. He understands that these intangibles are a vital part of the healing process. I believe the answer to the conundrum of the healthcare issue in this country is a simple one: make Dr. David Rouben the role model for all physicians and then turn them loose to practice medicine as a healing art in the Rouben Style.
– Judge Sara Combs, Stanton, KY


In an effort to be a Mr. Fix-it at home, I was up in my attic and fell 25 feet and injured my spine. Dr. Rouben fixed that. Next I had spinal stenosis, and he surgically fixed me again. I highly recommend him for your next procedure. He’s honest and really knows what he is doing. ” – Miles Edwards, Crestwood, KY 


“I’ve known Dr. Rouben for the past 18 years. I fell working and shattered the discs in my back. After a very thorough investigation, he operated on me . Because I have titanium rods in my back, my kids call me ‘Robo Mom’. Dr. Rouben gave me my life back.” Dina Masterson, Louisville, KY


“All I half to say is he’s a Great Surgeon, I have trusted him during my Lumbar Spinal Fusion L-5, S-1 in 2014 and Cervical Spinal fusion C-4-6 in 2015. He’s the best I trust him completely. I know he and his staff will take very good of his patients I’m proof. Thank you for everything.” -Tonya, Louisville, KY


Dr. Rouben is amazing. I would strongly recommend him. Amazing Surgeon.-Justin


Dr. Rouben is a wonderful doctor, and I have put him on my list as a great friend. He is very trustworthy.-Mimi


I think Dr. Rouben is the most competent doctor I’ve ever met.-Bill